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From Equine Love to Feline Fascination

My journey with Savannah cats began in 2011 when I saw an episode of “Too Cute” featuring a litter of these enchanting kittens on Animal Planet. Their beauty captivated me, and by 2012, I brought home my first Savannah cat, Majesticsavanna Hyssanii, from a local cattery. At that time, I was deeply involved in breeding Arabian horses, and Hyssanii became a beloved part of that world, even accompanying me to the clinic where I worked as a nurse. His ability to connect with people inspired me to start Windridge Exotics.

With guidance from fellow breeders and drawing upon my horse breeding experience, I embarked on this new venture. The journey has been fulfilling, sharing the joy of Savannah cats with others and building connections within the breeder community. I’m driven by the dream of one day seeing a Savannah cat serve as an emotional support animal, as they’ve been a constant source of comfort in my life. Through Windridge Exotics, I strive to provide others with the opportunity to experience the unique companionship of these extraordinary felines.

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